About NTL

Nelson Testing Laboratories® was founded nearly five decades ago in Schaumburg, Illinois focusing on providing prompt, practical and reliable solutions to the testing needs of the concrete and masonry industries. Over the years Nelson Testing Laboratories® has grown to become a leading testing firm for local, national and international clients. Supporting clients with experienced, yet personal service was a hallmark of Bob Nelson (founder) and the laboratory he created. Owned and operated by Mark Nelson and Brian Petty, Nelson Testing Laboratories® continues to be dedicated to solving the testing needs of our clients. Our capabilities have expanded from testing concrete and masonry materials to also include testing epoxies, grouts, repair mortars, waterproofing membranes, sealers, water repellents, joint sealants, exterior coatings as well as many other construction material products. National and local laboratory accreditations, extensive technician training, industry participation, equipment acquisition and equipment creation all support Nelson Testing Laboratories® being a leader in the materials testing industry. What will always set Nelson Testing Laboratories® apart is our commitment to support our clients, our profession and our industry as a whole.